Clean up your photo collection with Photos Duplicate Cleaner

                                     Photos Duplicate Cleaner

You have a great collection of your photographs on your Mac, and as your collection gets bigger and bigger, with lot of photographs over time, you’re bound to end up with a few duplicate pictures. Duplicate photos on your Mac not only disorganize your photo collection, but also is a waste of space on your hard drive. Luckily, Photos Duplicate Cleaner makes it easy and quick to get rid of all duplicates on your Mac. Just in a click you can trash all duplicates, recovering the wasted disk space.

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Take care of duplicates in iPhoto with: Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

Do you experience sitting in front of your Mac for long periods of time finding pictures in iPhoto library, especially when there are extra copies of the same photos? These duplicate photos not only make you spend too much time organizing photos also take up a lot amount of disk space. When you have thousands of pictures to manage, Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto is just the solution. Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto helps you find duplicate photos in minutes and allow you to remove them in a click.

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Now in the App Store: Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto and Photos Duplicate Cleaner


Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto, a nifty little free app designed to deal with duplicates easily in your iPhoto, hit the App store. Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto makes the task of finding and removing duplicates in iPhoto significantly easier. It helps you get rid of duplicates in no time, making your iPhoto slimmer.

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Duplicates in iPhoto?

Are you seeking for a safe, easy and quick way to find and remove duplicates from your iPhoto Library?

iPhoto is one of Apple’s most popular applications which comes with every Mac, millions of users import and manipulate billions of photos with this useful software. It helps you greatly to manage your Photos. iPhoto is most utilized program on your Mac and for one reason or another it happens you piles up duplicate versions of the same photos in it. Sometimes you import the same photo despite the iPhoto duplicates prevention feature enabled. There are multiple reasons to scatter duplicate photos in your iPhoto Library and it ends up making it unnecessary large and therefore slow.



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All about iPhoto!



iPhoto helps you easily manage and enjoy all your digital photos in exciting ways, and share your favorite memories with family and friends. Your iPhoto library is designed to hold up to 250,000 photos, depending on your computer’s memory and available hard disk space. You can import photos from a camera, from a mobile device, from email, from a storage device, or from a hard disk.

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How to get rid of duplicates in iPhoto


iPhoto provides you a great way to organize and manage your most memorable photos on your Mac. Millions of Mac users depend upon it to collect, edit and share their photos. iPhoto that is rich in features, makes all these tasks extremely easy and interesting. With iPhoto, you always have a great view of your photos.

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How To: Empty Trash on your Mac quickly

Is your Mac taking long time to empty the trash? It may be due to the setting Secure Empty Trash is turned on by default. You can speed up the process of emptying trash by simply disabling it. Empty Trash Securely is an option in OS X that ensures deleting data permanently from your Mac and deleted data cannot be recovered even when using any data recovery tool. Though it is a safe deletion and makes deleted data unrecoverable, however makes the process of emptying trash slow. Using this option is helpful if you are removing sensitive data and do not want anyone to be able to see even after the data has been deleted.

Following are the steps to set the empty trash securely default settings:

  • Go to Finder, then click on Preferences and then click on Advanced.
  • Uncheck the Empty Trash Securely option.

If this option wasn’t checked and emptying the trash is still slow, you can also empty Trash using terminal. Emptying trash using terminal is quite faster but it takes some extra efforts to delete the data. If you need to trash a huge amount of data, it might be worth using the terminal.

To empty Trash using terminal open Terminal and type in the following command:

rm –r ~/.Trash/*

Make sure to use the above command correctly and type it exactly with no extra spaces or anything else.

Sometimes the Trash on your Mac doesn’t empty, even when you try it many times. In this case it would be best to use the following command for force-emptying the Trash: Rm –rf ~/.Trash/*

And try holding the Option key as you choose Empty Trash from the Finder’s File menu does the trick too.

How To: Make Safari Faster

Safari is the default browser that comes with your Mac. Millions of users enjoy Safari’s innovative and powerful features every day. It loads web pages faster. Unfortunately over time it may start running slow.

There are several easy and quick things you can do to make sure that safari on your Mac is running in top shape.

1. Clean history and cache

Safari stores all information including sites you have visited, items you have downloaded and more in the browsing history folder. Over time cache grows up quite large or gets corrupted and it adversely affects on Safari speed as Mac will take more time searching the cache when it could fetch the data from the internet in less time. You can easily clean history and cache using TuneupMyMac in no time. It will help you improve your browsing experience.

2. Reset Safari

Resetting Safari is a quick way to empty the cache, clear all cookies, erase history and reset auto fill information. This can provide a fix for every issue you may be experiencing. Resetting Safari restores it to the original settings and you lose your history, top sites and preferences. You can reset Safari from Safari menu; there you can see the option Reset Safari.

3. Delete the Safari Preferences File

Deleting the preferences can make the safari work properly again in cases preferences file may have been corrupted. You can safely delete the Safari Preferences file because a new one will be created the next time you open the app, but you will lose preferences such as homepage, bookmarks, etc. To delete Safari’s preferences file: Open Finder > ~/ Library / Preferences and delete the file

4. Disable unwanted Safari Extensions

Extensions may have your favorite feature in Safari; keep in mind the more extensions you have, the more you increase the complexity of the browser itself. So use extensions wisely, make sure to keep useful extensions only, and disable the extensions you do not use or you think may be causing speed issues.

You can manage extensions (enable or disable) in safari, from Safari’s preferences. To do so, open Safari’s preferences from the Safari menu and go to Extensions tab and turn off the extension you do not use.

5. Disable unwanted Plug-ins

Plug-ins that is not properly functioning can slow Safari down considerably. The best thing is to remove such plug-ins to speed up the Safari. You can do so by clicking the Macintosh HD> Library>Internet Plugins>folder. Once you are done with this, relaunch the Safari if the problem still occurs then install latest versions of the plug-ins.

How To: Unlock the trial version of TuneupMyMac!

Unlock your TuneupMyMac in no time to use it to optimize your Mac.

To get started with unlocking your TuneupMyMac, launch it first and follow the below instructions. It’s extremely easy.

1. Launch TuneupMyMac. You can see a Register Now button. Go ahead and hit Register Now on the bottom left corner.

2. A new window will open, simply enter your email address and license key and then click on Register Now button.

Your product is registered! It is fully functional now and you can use all its feature to keep your Mac in top shape.